Wedding FAQ’s

Common Questions and Answers

What is the backup plan for bad weather?

Our standard backup for inclement weather is your reception space. An inclement weather plan can be pre-arranged with your Catering Events Manager.

Do you have a room for the bride/groom to get ready in?

Most of our couples get ready in one of our lodging spaces that they have rented for two nights. We do have bridal suites held in room blocks for the majority of our venues! 

Can I have my pet at my wedding?

We do allow dogs to be a part of your ceremony and for brief pictures at the ceremony site (when notified in advance), but they are not allowed to remain on the property. Please make appropriate lodging/kenneling arrangements for your furry family members.

Are there a lot of bugs?

We do spray for mosquitoes and bees every two weeks! However, we are an outdoor venue so we cannot fully prevent bugs. 

Where can I take photos on my wedding day?

You can take photos at any time in the space you have reserved for your special day.  If you would like to take photos in another space, then "Open Photo Time" is from 12pm-2pm. *NOTE: the BoatHouse Villa lawn/lake patio is not open for photos.

When is my ceremony rehearsal?

We have a one-hour ceremony rehearsal the day prior to your event. The time itself will not be confirmed until two months prior to your wedding date. Also, keep in mind there will more than likely be a ceremony rehearsal prior to your ceremony/reception on the day of your wedding!

Should I hire a day of coordinator?

Our event supervisor will work with you during the ceremony rehearsal and then also the day of ceremony! They will come in on the day of your wedding to make sure our set up team had everything set to go and will be your point of contact for any venue needs throughout the day. They will help assist if any of your vendors have question and be your point of contact for the venue throughout the day! We still often see day-of-coordinators, so if you want someone to help with your personal decorations and be a more direct contact for the day of, you are more than welcome to hire one, however, that is up to you!

Will the staff set up all my decorations or do I have to do that on my own?

While our event supervisor does oversee the setup of your space you will need to designate someone from your party to setup your decorations. Our staff will setup all tables, chairs, linens, and place settings, along with any décor you have rented through us directly.

Who oversees tearing down after the event?

Our staff will take care of all items we have supplied you! We will teardown the tables, chairs, linen, napkins, place settings and any complimentary décor/rented through us items! However, it is your party’s responsibility to collect all your personal décor at the end of the night, so please make sure you dedicate a few people to take responsibility of this at the end of the night!

May I drop off my decorations the night prior to my wedding day/pick up the day after my wedding?

All equipment/items must be set up and picked up on the same day of the event! We do not have storage for items overnight. You will have access to the space at noon/1pm the day of your wedding and you will need to make sure all items are brought in your vehicles or lodging rooms the night of your wedding.

When can I begin decorating my reception space?

We guarantee that your space will be ready by noon/1pm the day of your wedding and ceremony site at 1pm (unless specified otherwise in your contract). This means all tables, chairs, and linen will be out and ready for you to decorate! Please note that place settings (plateware, napkins, silverware, glassware) will not be set until closer to the reception time.

Can I store my dessert/food in your refrigerator?

Unfortunately, we do not have space in refrigerator/freezers for any outside food. We recommend that you have your baker deliver closer to your ceremony start time.

Can I hang lights/fabric from the ceiling?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any décor to be hung from the ceilings or walls of our spaces. Décor can be added to the arbor if it is held by non-permanent fixtures (i.e. fishing line, wire)

Can I upgrade my chairs/linens?

Yes! We do have a few options to upgrade your linen to colored or floor length. You are also more than welcome to bring in your own linen or chair upgrades. If you are interested in going with an outside company for chairs, we do require a signed rental agreement and it is $1/chair to do so! Please speak with your Catering Events Manager for more information!

Do you allow flame candles?

Yes! However, flames of any sort must be contained in a holder that is taller than the flame itself.

Do you allow sparklers/fireworks?

No sparklers, fireworks or floating sky lanterns are allowed at any time on our property.

Do you have decorations we can use?

We provide complimentary table numbers and Mr. & Mrs. Signs. Depending on which space you reserve we do have a standard centerpiece that you can use if you wish. 

Can I use confetti/lavender for my ceremony?

No, we do not allow anything that cannot be easily picked up by hand. We recommend bubbles or real flower petals!

Can I use flower petals for my ceremony?

Yes! If they will be used outdoors we request that they are real rather than silk as there is a chance they can blow away.

Can I bring in my favorite drink/alcohol/food?

All food and beverage must be purchased from Bay Pointe. If there is something that you would like to have we are happy to special order it for you!

Is there a service fee included in my total cost?

A 21% service fee will be applied to all food and beverage costs. (Starting March 1st 2022 any new event for 2023 will be charged a 22% service fee)

When can I check in to my hotel room?

Check-in is 4pm to all lodging rooms, we cannot offer early check-in. We recommend that guests book the night before if they are planning to get ready onsite.

Do you have additional lodging outside of my room block?

We have a smaller, boutique hotel and lodging is in high demand for the weekends. We typically don’t have additional lodging outside of your block on Fridays/Saturdays. Different days of the week are based on availability and can be discussed with your Sales Manager or Catering Events Manager.

Is there a gratuity included in my total cost?

A 22% service fee will be applied to all food and beverage costs. This is in lieu of gratuity and will be included with your wedding bill.