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How to Relax on your Lakeside Retreat

How to Relax on your Lakeside Retreat

Before you return to your busy schedule, we want to let you know you can take some time for yourself by joining us at Bay Pointe Inn. In the beautiful town of Shelbyville, MI, right on Gun Lake we’re the perfect end of summer getaway.

Take time for yourself

Rent one of our beautiful luxury lakefront rooms, with an extremely comfortable king bed for a soothing nights sleep. Enjoy your morning coffee out on our private balcony for a front row seat of our historic Gun Lake sunrises. As you stroll through our property in the heart of the 20,000 acre Yankee Springs Recreation Area, you’ll find the end of summer peacefulness of our lake shores to be a therapeutic remedy to your daily hustle and bustle routine.

Spend time on the shores of Gun Lake

As summer comes to an end, we suggest you enjoy the warm weather by renting our pontoon boats and getting out on the lake. Gun lake’s unique butterfly-like shape allows for a perfect sunset boat ride with your sweetheart or just a lazy day float around the lake. Either way, you’ll love getting out on the lake as the summer crowd thins out, and you can enjoy this magical time alone. If you’re a fisherman Gun Lake is a great spot for you to cast your bait!

Horseback Riding

Another great way to explore our beautiful region is to go horseback riding with Layton’s RVF. Whether you’ve never ridden a horse or you were practically born on the saddle, they have the perfect horse for you to go out and explore this magical area. Their horses are good-tempered and beautiful. You’ll fall in love with the wooded area as you canter through on a 2-hour trail ride. If you’re looking for a romantic countryside ride, this small operation run by a lovely couple is the deal you’ve been searching for all summer!

Between Gun Lake and horse rides through the countryside of Michigan, you won’t regret spending your last summer days with us at Bay Pointe Inn!