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Boat Rentals on Gun Lake

Boat Rentals on Gun Lake

If you’re visiting Shelbyville, MI during the summer months, you’re going to want to spend at least one afternoon out on Gun Lake, especially if you’re staying at the beautiful Bay Pointe Inn. Thanks to Gun Lake Boat Rentals, getting out on the water is easy. Whether you’d like a boat, kayak, or paddleboard, Gun Lake Boat Rentals has everything you need to enjoy a wonderful afternoon out on the lake. 

The Best Pontoon Boat Rental in Michigan

Gun Lake Boat Rentals has several pontoon boats that you can rent for four hours up to an entire week! Fill out a pontoon rental form and select a day that works for you. Different pontoons at Gun Lake Boat Rentals can hold ten to fourteen people – more than enough to bring the entire family or a big group together for a great day of exploring all of 2,680 acres of Gun Lake!

Kayaks and Canoes

Gun Lake Boat Rentals offers kayaks and canoes for your lake outing! Whether you’d like to go solo or bring a kayaking partner, fill out the kayak rental form and reserve your slot. Kayak rental prices vary, depending on if you’d like to rent for just an hour, or an entire week. Canoe rentals are also offered at Gun Lake Boat Rentals – much like kayaking, all you have to do is fill out a canoe rental form, and you’re ready for a lake day! Their canoes can hold up to three people, and prices vary depending on how long you’d like to rent.


The paddleboards at Gun Lake Boat Rentals are only made to carry one person, but it shouldn’t stop you from renting a few and bringing the family out onto the lake. To get some great exercise and have fun, you can rent a paddleboard for anywhere from an hour up to a full week. Fill out the paddleboard rental form and head on out to Gun Lake!

Lake Day at Bay Pointe Inn

Nestled along the south shore of Gun Lake is the gorgeous Bay Pointe Inn. Cottages and villas are spread throughout the eight acres of resort property, providing unique and beautiful scenery at each. Many of our spacious cottages are two-bedroom and two-bathroom, the perfect size for your family.  Enjoy the gourmet, seasonal menu and lakefront dining at the Terrace Grille with your whole family, and relax by the heated pool or in the hot tub. To reserve your home away from home, please book online, or call us at 269-672-8111.