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Strengthen Bonds | Top Michigan Team Building Retreat Activities

Strengthen Bonds | Top Michigan Team Building Retreat Activities

In order to have a successful company, you need a strong team. A corporate retreat, complete with team building activities, is one of the best ways to ensure everyone trusts and works well together. For years, Bay Pointe has been a premier destination for anyone looking to get away from everyday life for a while, including corporate groups. Our waterfront resort is the perfect backdrop for a memorable outing the office will be talking about for years to come.

5 Memorable Activities Everyone Will Love

There are several benefits to team building activities, including improving communication, problem-solving skills, trust, and more. Finding the right type of activity is key. The last thing you want is for your team to be disinterested and not fully participating. To help give you a starting point, we’ve compiled a list of five options we think your whole team will love. 

  1. Start with an icebreaker game. This can be everything from classics like Two Truths and a Lie or something more unique like a “pop quiz” of company facts or current events.
  2. Improve communication by seeing who is the most active listener. While giving a presentation or conducting a meeting, add in random phrases or words. The goal is to see who is really listening and noticed the most of these additions.
  3. Debating can be healthy and a great way to solve problems. Break your team into groups and have them debate an issue. While you can certainly go for deep, work-related issues, more lighthearted topics are always a good idea as well.
  4. If you plan on having everyone spend a day in Grand Rapids, be sure to visit a local escape room. Coworkers will have to put on their problem-solving hats to solve clues at places like the Great Escape Room and Locked 460 Escape Rooms.
  5. Get everyone outdoors and explore a nearby nature preserve. Places like George P. Tilma Nature Preserve and the Dolan Nature Sanctuary are great for scavenger hunts. See what group can find all the things on your nature-inspired checklist.

Let Our Team Help Plan Your Corporate Retreat

Meeting space at a Gun Lake resort to host retreat team building activities in.

It takes more than entertaining team building activities for your corporate retreat to be a success. At Bay Pointe, we have everything you need covered, from spacious accommodations to delicious meals. Our meeting and event professionals are here to help you from start to finish. To learn more about hosting your next gathering at our Gun Lake resort, fill out our online request form.